Event Information

Contest Rules

I. General Provisions

The China International Circus Festival is both an international competition as well as a cultural exchange event. The inauguration festival was held in 2013. Starting from 2016, the festival will become an annual event.

Hosted by Zhuhai City, the China International Circus Festival Competition will run from 16 to 23 November 2018. It is jointly organised by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and hosted by the Zhuhai Municipal People’s Government and Guangdong Chimelong Group, which jointly formed the China International Circus Festival Supreme Committee (hereinafter referred to as the Supreme Committee). The Supreme Committee oversees an Executive Committee which is responsible for organising the competition event. Under the Executive Committee are several official positions that are responsible for day-to-day operations.

The Supreme Committee will invite both renowned domestic and international experts to form a Judging Committee which is responsible for judging the circus shows during the competition. The decision of the Judging Committee in this competition shall be final and undisputable.

Guangdong Chimelong Group, as the strategic partner of China International Circus Festival, will be responsible for marketing the event under the leadership of the Executive Committee.

II. Categories of Participating Shows

Comical clowns, aerial acrobatics, stage acrobatics,magic, etc.

III. Application Requirements

(i) The Circus Festival will not invite individual minor artistes under the age of 16, or teams consisting solely of minor artistes under the age of 16. However, individuals who are under the age of 16 may join as members of an adult team during the competition. There is no restriction on nationality, race and gender of participants.

(ii) The applicant (or team) must submit the following information in either Chinese or English Language:

1. A properly completed application form (please see attached); or download the application form from the official website of the Circus Festival;

2. Personal (or Team’s) curriculum vitae (Chinese or English);

3. Three copies of recent upper-body photographs (4X5cm); two copies of artistic photographs (8X10cm, suitable for printing);

4. Provide photocopies of certificates of awards won in other competitions;

5. Provide audiovisual production, such as VCDs or DVDs, of pre-qualified shows to be entered for the competition;

Note: Audiovisual production show must be of professional quality, without editing and amendment; and the recording must not be more than a year old. All audiovisual production submitted must clearly label the name of the participant (team) and the title of the show. The Executive Committee reserves the right to cancel the pre-qualification of the applicant (team) who submits unqualified audiovisual production.

6. Application is open now and will close on 30 May 2016 (the postmarked date for the posting of application material shall be deemed as the submission date). The applicant (team) should submit the application materials using registered mail, courier or directly by hand to the Executive Committee. Application materials arriving past the closing date shall be deemed as void. The applicant (team) shall send an email to inform the Executive Committee after the application material is sent. Application materials received by the Executive Committee are not returnable; the applicant (team) should keep a copy for themselves.

7. Please send your application materials to:

Address: Circus Festival Office, 6th Floor, Chimelong Group General Building, Panyu Avenue, Panyu District, Guangzhou City

Contact Persons: Li Wei, Yan Zhanguang

Postal Code: 511430

Tel: +86 (20) 84782355 、+86 (20) 84796600-10051

Fax: +86 (20) 84793099


(3) The applicants (or teams) should ensure that the information provided in the application form are truthful and valid. An application will be deemed as invalid if it contains any untruthful or unclear information, the supporting materials are incomplete, or the form is not signed personally.

(4) There is no time limit to the duration of a participating show. However, if the duration of a participating show is too long, it will be subject to review and approval by the Executive Committee.

(5) The Executive Committee is committed to maintain the confidentiality of information related to the participating show, and it reserves the right to request for additional information from the applicants (teams).

IV. Notes on Participation

(1) The Executive Committee and each participating team will sign a performance agreement. Please refer to the performance agreement for the relevant notes on participation.

(2) The Executive Committee reserves the right to organise and adjust the order of the participating shows. Participating teams must abide by the performance schedule set by the Executive Committee. Participating teams are responsible for their own equipment and for the upkeep of animals used for their shows.

(3) Participating teams must not engage in any profit generating performances during the competition period.

V. Prizes

The following prizes will be awarded:

Two Gold Awards with prize money worth USD 30,000 each;

Three Silver Awards with prize money worth USD 20,000 each;

Four Bronze Awards with prize money worth USD 10,000 each;

In addition, award certificates and trophies will be presented to all award winners.

VI. Travel, Accommodation, Transportation and Meal Expenses

International transportation, shipment, accommodation and meals of invited participants (teams) shall be borne by the Executive Committee. The specific rules are as follows:

(1) Participants shall be accommodated in designated hotels free of charge. Accommodation provided, as arranged by the Executive Committee, shall be on a twin-sharing basis; any participant who wishes to have a single-room accommodation shall be liable for the difference in room rates. Participants who choose to be accommodated in other hotels shall bear their own accommodation cost, without any subsidy from the Executive Committee.

(2) If the participant refuses to participate in the competition after arrival at Zhuhai, the Executive Committee shall cease to subsidise all other expenses including travel and accommodation expenses.

(3) Award winning participants may be invited to participate in public performances after the competition. The Executive Committee shall bear the relevant performance fees and accommodation expenses.

(4) Persons who are accompanying the participants may request the Executive Committee to arrange for accommodation. Such accommodation shall be restricted to designated hotels appointed by the Executive Committee. However, such accompanying persons shall bear their own travel, accommodation and meal expenses.

(5) Any accommodation, meals and transportation expenses incurred by any participant (team) for personal reasons shall be borne by the participant (team).

VII. Supplementary Provisions

(1) Safety insurance: While the Executive Committee will engage an insurance company to provide insurance coverage for the competition event, we strongly encourage participants (teams) to purchase their own personal or property insurance. The Executive Committee shall not be held responsible for any of the following accidents during the competition period:

1. Any property loss or bodily injuries sustained by the participant;

2. Bodily, property or mental damages inflicted on others by the participant;

3. Bodily, property or mental damages sustained by the participant or his/her accompanying persons, either self-inflicted or inflicted by others.

(2) In the event of occurrence of issues not covered by these provisions, the final opinions of the Executive Committee shall prevail.

(3) All litigations or legal matters related to this competition event shall be settled within the jurisdiction of the People’s Republic of China in accordance with the laws of the People’s Republic of China.

(4) In the event of any dispute, the Chinese version of these provisions shall prevail; and the Executive Committee reserves the final right of interpretation of these provisions.

(5) All applicants (teams), having signed the “Application Forms”, are deemed to have agreed to, and promise to abide by, the contents of these provisions; failing which, the participants (teams) shall be deemed to have withdrawn from the competition, and the Executive Committee shall cease to bear any expenses on behalf of the participants (teams). Any participants (teams) found to have violated the terms of these provisions during the competition period shall be disqualified from the competition; and any awards, certificates and prize money won shall be revoked. All expenses shall be borne by the defaulting participants (teams).

VIII. Explanation

The Supreme Committee reserves the right of production and distribution of the audio-video works of all shows performed in this competition. The Supreme Committee entrusted Guangdong Chimelong Group to operate the circus festival, including management of the competition event and prize presentation, arrangement of performance by award winners as well as other marketing activities such as advertising and promotion. All participating artistes shall abide by the arrangement of the Supreme Committee to participate in promotional activities during and after the competition event.

IX. Any other matters not covered in these provisions shall be notified separately. China International Circus Festival Supreme Committee reserves the final right of interpretation of these provisions.