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Introduction to the Fifth China International Circus Festival (25 programs)

1.Horror Show (Switzerland)

A "scientist" with different forms of experimental subjects, accompanied by music around the parallel bars, jumps, makes weird moves and flips up and down. The performance is extremely humorous, setting adventures and highly difficult movements in one and, with comic effects, telling the spectators about a strange journey of a frankenstein. This program won the Bronze Clown award at the 2017 Monte Carlo International Circus Festival and an award at the 2012 Japan's Shizuoka Street Vaudeville Art World Cup.

2. Anastasia Makeeva-Never Enough (Russia)

A lady in a red skirt hanging high in the air on a rising silk rope performs a series of thrilling skills, including loose-support single-leg hooking, a split, rapidly rotating upward, going down hung by the neck, swinging forward with loose support, and then directly hooking one foot until finally returning to the ground... The skilful arrangement of an array of originally-created movements, which have a very high degree of difficulty, shows the tension of air performing arts, giving the spectators a chance to experience both an extremely great aesthetic feeling and thrilling excitement. The performance won several awards at international circus festivals such as those held in Monte Carlo, France, Italy and Russia.

3. Secret of My Soul-Aleksey & Marina (Ukraine/Russia)

The male performer, who is from a Ukraine's circus family, and his fiancée from Russia, who is also a circus performer, perform a romantic trip on the rings. The beautiful lighting and soft music coordinate perfectly and enable the spectators to appreciate the passion as well as the charm of romantic love. This program won gold medals at many international circus festivals such as those held in Moscow, Kiev (Ukraine), and France.

4. Duo Cabaret (Ukraine)

The performance on the rope is, in form, slightly similar to the previous performances on a strap or silk rope hanging. Its naturalness and smoothness remind people of floating clouds and flowing water. It is, however, a completely new kind of prop display, more graceful and flexible. The lady climbs up the rope and stands upside-down, with a 180-degree split. The man then also climbs up the rope, with a one-handed loose-support movement. They then both hang upside-down with a bicycle kick. The whole series of movements are breathtaking and thrilling. This program won a big prize at the 2017 Spanish International Circus Festival.

5.Elayne Kramer (Argentina)

The Argentine female performer begins with a crutch clenched in her mouth, showing off her graceful figure on a table in jujitsu performances such as handstand with both hands forming an M-shape on the side. She has acquired through practice the unique skill of archery with the feet, which she now presents to the spectators. The fascinatingly splendid show she gives is the shooting of the arrow with her feet, which wins warm applause from the spectators. This program won many awards at the international circus festival held in Monte Carlo, Italy, and Russia.

6. Angelica Bongiovonni-Cyr Wheel (Canada)

In the show, the lady performer dances in a happy mood with a ring having a diameter longer than the height of a person. Sometimes she and the ring merge into one and sometimes she walks away from the ring, as if they are talking and listening to each other. When the lady and the ring are both rotating, she turns around either with the sole of her foot as the base point or with one point on the stage as the central point. Then she rolls with the ring continuously in a 180-degree split, with her feet leaving the ground. The continuous rolling is performed only by the force of her arms. Finally, the ring revolves around her with its inertia while the lady stops moving. The story of the lady and the ring, as well as of the strength and the beauty, is yet to continue...

7. Chihhan Chao-Diablo-Like A Pro (Taiwan,China)

This performance, having broken away from the traditional form of playing diabolo, uses two whips to lash the diabolo in turn to keep it running. The performer uses unique techniques and movements to throw and catch the diabolo, which, as an improved prop, now has an extremely fast rotation speed. At the same time, the elements of modern street dance have been added to the performance, which in turn greatly enhances its viewing value. Zhao Zhihan, the male performer from Taiwan, China, has performed in many countries around the world. This program has won many awards at home and abroad, such as the Gold Prize of the International Circus Festival "Tomorrow and the Future" in France, for his ingenious exhibition of innovation.

8. Ottavio Belli-The Illusionist (Italy)

The show is performed by a male magician and a long-haired female magician, the prop being a vertical long empty box, which has three big holes from top to bottom, i.e., a triangle hole, a square hole, and a polygonal hole. After the two people work together to turn the box clockwise 360 degrees, the young lady goes into the box. The male magician inserts torches into the three holes and turns the box clockwise 360 degrees. When he first opens the box, it is empty. But when he opens it again, the long-haired lady can be seen again. All the spectators witness the whole process of the miracle.

9. The Habesha Girls (Ethiopia)

The African Golden Diamond Team, dressed in clothes with giraffe pattern elements, displays a variety of jujutsu shapes, with neat movements and good teamwork. From the perfect cooperation of seven people forming a shape of "four-tiered superimposed treasure", to the "treasure walk" performed by two of them, then to the two three-person groups' "superimposed treasure" to form a shape looking like the Chinese character that means "friend" in English, and finally to the shape of upside-down superimposed treasure on the arch bridge. The performance of the Ethiopian girls breaks away for the normal body shape, giving the spectators a sense of aesthetic visual enjoyment.

10.The Journey of Life-Man Handstand Skills (China)

Men's handstand skills show the migratory journey of migrant birds by using multi-body superimposed human modeling techniques. In this work, the author uses several groups of acrobatic inverted figures, such as "one man jacking up another", "15 people superimposed row jacking up", "four-layer double flying swallows" and the three people lifting multi-layer props with one arm, which is the only high-difficulty technique in the world. The show portrays the courage, perseverance and unity of the migrant birds on their journey as well as their pursuit of what is nice and beautiful.

11.Face Team Acrobatic Sports Theatre-Freestyle Basketball (Hungary)

The performers constitute Hungary's only acrobatic sports team. They have transformed the street basketball and elevated it onto the circus stage, thus making a creative and perfect combination of basketball, trampoline, parkour, and hip-hop. They have presented the show to spectators around the world more than 1,500 times. The brilliant performance is composed of single-person alternate continuous fancy shooting, jointly performed alternate continuous fancy dunks, and fancy ball rotation at finger tip. Every team member has his own specialty as well as a passion for basketball, giving basketball performance a new meaning and vitality.

12. Run to Infinity-Chinese Pole Act (Ukraine)

When the bell sounds, three men and one woman begin a pole-climbing performance of different styles, which is an improved and recreated version of the "pole-climbing" in traditional Chinese acrobatics and in which a story has been incorporated. Together, the four perform a handstand on the pole, a 180-degree split with only one hand on the pole, a high-speed downward slide from the pole with the body bent, and eventually the two roll down 360 degrees from the pole. The performance gives lasting memories.

13. Flying Trapeze (Russia/Kazakhstan/Uzbekistan)

The performance has created a precedent in the blending of a shaking bar and flying trapeze in mid-air at a height of more than ten meters and changed the single program form in the past. The performers successively complete the difficult movements, including mid-air face-to-face throwing and catching, 720-degree throwing and catching, and landing on the bar after two mid-air backward somersaults. In performing the pure flying trapeze, there are the consecutive mid-air somersaults and the catching after flying a distance of nearly 10 meters. The performance is absolutely breathtaking, exciting and thrilling . As the Gold Prize at the 2018 Moscow International Youth Festival Contest in Circus Art.

14. Mystery of Gentleman-Hand Voltage Act on Balls (Mongolia)

The program consists of movements from the "pass-through throwing and catching" to the "double face-to-face throwing", and then from the "throwing and catching on the ball with two successive backward somersaults" to the "three-order throwing and catching on the ball". It uses the previous sedan chair shaking, which is based on the ground, on the ball, and the throwing and catching is performed with skills by the performers facing each other. The performance not only gives the spectators a completely new viewing experience, but also demonstrates to them the unique culture and charm of the Mongolian nationality.

15.Havana Company Russia Bar Act (Cuba)

In the enthusiastic music and fiery jazzy dancing, the man successively performs high-difficulty acrobatic moves on the bar, including a 720-degree backward somersault, a 720-degree forward somersault, and a triple somersault, while the women performs on the bar a backward somersault first and then a double forward somersault. The performance tests the balance ability and rhythm skills of the people on the bar as well as whether they can cooperate with each other perfectly well.

16.Havana Company Trampoline (Cuba)

The trampoline on the children's playground is now played by the naughty circus boys in a new style. In addition to trampoline acrobatic performances such as forward and backward somersaults, there are flying trapeze movements such as mid-air face-to-face throwing and throw-and-catch, three-order inversed catching, and double throwing and catching. This show is characterized by different and unique performing skills. The Cuban trampoline displays rich regional cultural features in the design and arrangement of music, scenery, costumes and dances.

17. Lukas & Aaron-Teeterboard (Finland/Sweden)

The two partners begin the show with continuous 360-degree springboard face-to-face jumps, with 720 degrees forward and backward somersaults in between. They then contend for the desired position on the springboard for fun. After that, they return to multiple consecutive face-to-face jumps. The two stand at the ends of the springboard and keep the springboard in a relatively parallel position against the ground. Then, all of a sudden, they start to exert force, perform three backward somersaults, in one go and very smoothly, and complete a 720- degree rotation. All the movements are characterized by a high degree of difficulty. The principle of "balance" and mutual help runs through the whole performance.

18. Twirling in Time-Ball Juggling (China)

The eight girls perform fancy kicks on a specially designed magic wheel and use a U-shaped prop to throw and catch each other. Another prop is a rebounding plate in the shape of a tree trunk. The balls are successively made to bounce into the net pocket at the top of the trunk prop. The prop for kicking the balls is the first ever created at home and abroad. The rotation of the magic wheel, coupled with changing ball-throwing skills, gives a sense of beauty of time flow. Additionally, the fluorescent tintage on the clothing and the ball surface, together with the special design of the lighting effect, is bother beautiful and fascinating.

19.Filinov Troupe-Russian Swing (Russia)

Following a brief Russian national dance, the quiet swingbridge surges higher and higher, with the performance gradually escalating the difficulty. Successive highly difficult combination movements are performed, with two persons doing an overhead crossing, turning over and jumping off the bridge, two women making a face-to-face 180-degree split leap, a man doing a 720- degree overturn as he jumps off the bridge, and another man doing a 360-degree back-flip as he jumps off the bridge. Every soaring movement of the performers is astounding, dangerous, and amazing, and yet in the blink of an eye they land smoothly and steadily to the acclaim of the spectators. This program won a gold medal both at the Italy International Circus Festival and at the China Wuqiao International Circus Festival.

20.Valery Shcherbakov Troupe-"Gravitation"(Group Jugglers) (Russia)

The performers stand on a special bridge deck used as a prop, changing the traditional mode of throw-and-catch on the ground. They successively complete a 5-person collective throw-and-catch, followed first by a 3-person throw-and-catch on the bridge deck and then by a 4-person throw-and-catch on the bridge deck which continuously goes up and down caused by its opening and closing. In the meantime, the Jack rod flies and rotates in the air and the acts of throwing and catching are executed perfectly well amid the incessant rise and rotation of the bridge deck and the constant change of its distance and height. This performance is really dazzling and refreshing.

21. Davide Vassallo-Clown (Italy)

The clown with his braid standing upright begins the show by throwing and catching popcorns and doing comical rope skipping. A big rope spans across the stage at a height of three meters. The clown and his father work together to make challenging movements on the rope, including forward somersaults, a backward walk, another two consecutive somersaults, straddling and then standing on it. The performance is a perfect combination of fancy rope walk and clown behavior, as well as a combination of skills and arts, giving a feeling of relaxation and pleasantness.

22. Saly Brothers-The Gauchos (Italy)

The two brothers start the prelude with powerful and sonorous drumbeats. One accompanies the performance with drum music, and the other performs tap dancing, while wielding the prop in his hand ― a long rope. Accompanied by intensive drumbeats, the dance and the prop speed up in a synchronized manner, presenting a dazzling picture. The brothers also interact with the spectators. No matter what angle the performer wields the high-speed rope, the spectator is safe and sound. Finally, the two brothers end their performance with an impassioned tap dance and a dizzying long rope. The wonderful show makes a most profound impression on the spectators. The program won numerous awards at international circus festivals such as those held in Italy and Moscow.

23. Chernievsky Troupe-Teeterboard (Russia)

The show begins with a man and a woman, both relaxed and jocular, performing a side-by-side backward somersault, followed by four somersaults performed by four men one after another. Then there is a two-turn backward somersault technique demonstration, straight body four circumgyrations, bunched-up body five circumgyrations, and a single-turn 720-degree somersault. For the last group of movements, the music suddenly stops. The spectators hold their breath and gaze, as the sitting in the high chair is perfectly completed after two circumgyrations. The spectators acclaim cheerfully as the music is played again. They are amazed at the superb technical content and difficulty of the display and are also touched by the perfect tacit cooperation between the teammates.

24. White-Gothic-Hand to Hand (Ukraine)

The four brothers appear on the stage in perfect muscle lines. They start the performance with the modeling in which one of them acts as the base and the other three handstand on him. Then the modeling changes to two people's balanced handstand. After that, it changes to two people's standing, lifting both legs of the other person respectively, so that the two legs are in a state of horizontal 180-degree split. Following that, the fourth person handstands on the shoulder of the third person. After the four-person three-order display is completed. the performance ends with a horizontal handstand. The brothers take their time, performing in an unruffled manner and showing a perfect combination of power and beauty.

25. Duo Idols (America)

The performance with aerial straps fully reveals a touch of both aestheticism and romance in the air, where the performers wind the falling straps around the wrists and arms to finish an array of professionally trained acrobatic skills - a demonstration of strength and elegance, thus fascinating the spectators. With the costumes and music infiltrated with Indian elements, coupled with various cultural element, the youthfulness and beauty of the show cannot be exceeded.