Audience Service

Notes on Ticket Booking

There are no discount tickets for circus festival. All patrons must purchase a full-price ticket for admission. To ensure safety of the audience and orderliness, we do not recommend admission of children under 1.5m and infants. However, if a patron insists, such children and infant must also hold admission tickets, and the guardian shall be fully responsible for their safety.

There are three seating areas: namely the standard seats, first-class seats and the VIP seats. Please refer to the “Circus Ticket Pricing and Seating Area Map” for detailed seating areas. Tickets will be sold by seating area, and seats will be allocated automatically when tickets are issued by the system. A “Ticket Voucher Code” along with ticket collection information will be generated immediately upon successful booking. Please record it down, and keep it safely and securely.

All tickets purchased under the same ticket booking number must be used for admission only on the date designated; the ticket becomes invalid upon expiry. If tickets are needed for different admission dates, please book tickets for each admission date separately.

Once sold, circus festival tickets cannot be exchanged or rescheduled.

Please purchase your tickets at designated ticketing agents to avoid fakes.

Selling of fake tickets or ticket scalping is illegal and will be dealt with under the law.

Notes on Admission

During the 5th China International Circus Festival (16-23 November 2018), the real-name system will be used for admission of all patrons of circus shows. Therefore, all patrons must produce their valid ID cards and admission tickets to gain admission to the circus show.

All patrons must undergo security inspection when entering the venue. The following items are strictly prohibited from the venue: controlled devices, guns and ammunitions, inflammable and explosive materials, food, beverages, selfie sticks, and pets.

Patients with heart diseases, epilepsy, mental illnesses, and people under the influence of alcohol and drugs will not be admitted to the venue.

Smoking is prohibited in the venue; fire starter is barred from the venue.

Publicity paraphernalia such as banners and slogans are prohibited in the venue.

To ensure smooth traffic, you are encouraged to take public transport to the venue.

Please do not block the emergency exits. To ensure safety, please do not climb over any railing or engage in any other dangerous acts.

Please take care of the elderly, children as well as your personal belongings.

Please lock your parked cars properly and do not leave any valuables in the car.

In the event of emergency, please remain calm and follow the instructions of on-site security personnel and staff.