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The China International Circus Festival is a State-approved international competition and cultural exchange programme. It is jointly organised by the Ministry of Culture of the People’s Republic of China and the Guangdong Provincial People’s Government and hosted by the Zhuhai Municipal People’s Government and Guangdong Chimelong Group Companies. Following the success of the first circus festival in 2013, it has been organized four times and changed from biennial to annual since 2016.。

Ambassador Hand Balancing Act

Gorgeous costumes, delightful music and lavish prop tables paint a scene of a chic and exotic western culture. Special rotational prop makes a unique rotating one-handed handstand, much like the never-stopping rotating figurine on the music box. At times, the one-handed handstand seems to persist, but would suddenly exchange his/her hands for another persistent handstand. The act not only demonstrates the strength of a man, but also the soft side of a dancer. This act will linger long in your memory.

Icarian Games - Martinez Brothers

Though it is still darkness on the centre of the stage, the show has actually begun! When the light finally comes on, the audience would applaud with excitement! Human-juggling at ground level is not uncommon, but to perform such act on a 10-m high elevated platform is bold. The boldness belongs to a brother pair who came up with such act. The moves include the thrill and danger of standing on one leg atop the base after being juggled, and the thrill of 40 consecutive “thrusts” on a platform descending from 10-m high. The act won the Gold Medal in the Girona International Circus Festival, Spain, as well as Gold Medal in the “IDOL” International Circus Festival in Moscow.

“Watch dogs” led by S. Trushin

It’s Halloween night! Artistes in Halloween costumes will demonstrate their superb teeterboard acrobatic skills, with all sorts of flying formations: the quadruple twist, quintuple body twist, sextuple back-ward somersault and double somersault onto an elevated chair. The quadruple back somersault on a single stilt is thus far the only performance of its kind in the world. The show has won gold medals in international circus venues such as Monte Carlos in Monaco.

“Sairakan” (Rope Walkers)

Two rope walkers stand facing each other atop a high wire 10m above ground, while a third artiste stands with legs wide open and each foot atop the head of the two rope walkers. The formation looks like the simplified Chinese Character “众”. The trio then perform rope walking in that formation. In between, they will attempt rope skipping, hula hoop and cross-overs. The act also includes walking on laterally swinging wire rope, backward walking on diagonal wires, single foot stand on the head for a two-stage rope walking and finally, a backslide on diagonal wire for rapid descent to the ground. The act won the Gold Medal in the International Festival of Circus Art in Izhevsk.


Tyres are one the most common items in life. What role would they play in the hands of acrobats? A group of innovative youngsters ride on special pneumatic tyres to perform acrobatic acts such as somersaulting, back-flipping, and banquine. They even perform double rope skipping and double back-flip atop the tyres. What a “new life” they have given to acrobatics. This promises to be a fun and refreshing act.

“Between Us”- Chinese Poles Act

Four artistes on three vertical poles – haphazardly it seems, but truly, it’s an act of perfect coordination. The artistes hop from one pole to another, sometimes grasping with their hands, and sometimes clinging with their feet as though in an inverted standing position, and sometimes doing fancy flips on the bars. The most thrilling move involves an artiste falling rapidly from the top of the bars, while the other three artistes, in a sequential move, catapult to suspend themselves away from the pole before returning to it. This promises to be the most stunning acrobatic move to be witnessed.

“Exquisite Japan” led by Oleg Kozakov

What to expect when the Russians don Japanese warrior costumes in this act? What thrills and surprises will spark when banquine performance is enhanced with all-new props? Amidst the grace and softness of the Japanese fan dance, be mesmerized by the power and beauty of the banquine performance. Come witness an act of utmost difficulty – banquine with continuous double somersaults. The act won the Gold Medal in the “IDOL” International Circus Festival in Moscow.

Scandinavian Boards

The arrangement of black leather pad lining on white teeterboards gives the appearance of a piano keyboard. Thus, when the performers take turns to descend onto the teeterboards, it appears as though a sequence of piano keys had been struck; corresponding performers are catapulted into bodily twists and somersaults in depiction of dancing musical notes; the flying notes will then descend either onto the board’s side, or the pad or even onto the opposite end of the teeterboard. This creative and innovative act won the Special Award in the Festival Mondial du Cirque de Demain in Paris.

Tenacious Jiu Er - Group Formation Balance

The redness of red sorghum reflects the friendship of boys and girls who are brought up in the spirit of the “yellow earth”. The act “Group Formation – Jiu Er” is based on the “Red Sorghum” as the backdrop, and is a re-arrangement from two international gold award-winning large-scale formation acts. The act incorporates various skill elements such as shoulder ballet, hand skills, dances and other artistic elements and forms. Formations include originally created inverted buildings, triple handstand, inverted pyramid, and other formations of extreme difficulty. Through a series of meticulous artistic choreography, the act demonstrates the tacit trust between the minds and souls of the performers, resulting in their ability to coordinate a perfect formation – a perfect picture.

The Flying Cranes

In this flying trapeze, the artistes leap into the air from their platforms and fly in tandem with their swings. They fly so freely as if they are fitted with a pair of invisible wings. They remain in the air until being captured securely by their partners on the other side of the arena. They will perform difficult flying moves such as body-twist double somersault, 720⁰ turns plus double back-flips. And not forgetting those very special flying trapeze movement specific only to Russian troupes.

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